Eye See You

There are so many of us flailing around
Moving on to the next thing the next place
Running for the train or bus to nowhere
Doing what we’re doing really without knowing why
Wondering about underneath the sky

Absent from a true sense of meaning or propose
We roll out of bed onto the floor
Very few of us ever understanding
How to grasp the concept of this life
Or how to open the door
To our true reality

Barreling through existence to make it one more day
Holding on for reasons beyond our knowing

May you

Be good at who you are
Be good to who you are

Ask for spiritual guidance
Love yourself emotionally
Physically get involved
Ask the hardest questions
Always gentle with your answers
And considerate with your self

Creating the memories you want to love
Orchestrating the memories you want to look back on

You are the conduit
You are the conductor
You are the song
That you’ve been
Writing all along

You are more incredible than you know

Eye see you
Not your ego
But your soul

The core of who you are
Is brilliant and bold and
The fire formed
Within you
Is your

So strong

Validation comes from within
Validate your self
My friend

I will meet you by the campfire
Of your destiny
I will bring with me a bowl of
Fruit and knowledge

On the sand
By the ocean
Let us journey
By the lake
Take a break

Let us picnic
Let us pray
Let us camp out
With our fate

Becoming who we want
And who we came here
To become

Image | tHE tERRY tREE


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