Every Day That I Behold

The oracle in my mind
Dreams of a third eye in your heart
A lucid love of giving trust
A sacred space in between us

The memories in my spine
Rewind the moments in your smile
A silent promise on your lips
I looked upon as a spirit

The rhythm in my belly
Is a drum that beats a song
Of blue waves echoing a healing
Lullaby my whole life long

The static in my voice
Electrifies the midnight skies
Fire Wind and Water bring
The sunlit Earth to rise

The center of my soul
Is opened like a lotus flower
Grandmother Father Brother Sister
I feel your ancient grounding power

May my hands be guided slowly
May my words be thoughtful notes
May I receive what you would have me
Gift to each and all of those
You guide into my pathway
Every day that I behold


Hand gift

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