When I dream of being with you
I walk through the white puffy clouds
Beyond the waterfall that pours pure milk
Down the side of our cliff of emotional terrain
Reaching inside to grasp the holy mother out of you

Everything you need to trust within
Is in the garden of your heart that nature
Planted around you at the time of your birth rite
Forget about all of the reckless ways your spirit
Was treated without acknowledging your own worth

These specks and stains that are molding
Beseech you to clean away the cobwebs of fear
Drawing you near is like catching a butterfly with a
Broken net, no one has ever managed it yet for you are
A slippery heart that looks to rest in broken insecure nests

I am your eagle follow me into the light
I will not drop you, I will not let you go until
You are truly ready to fly so rest your wings your
Arms and legs and worried things in the haven of our bay
Stretch your kaleidoscope out into color schemes beyond your dreams

Surrender to Spirit and my love gifting up the
Fight that no longer wants to tangle your soul
Someone else is ready to cradle it in the realm of the Gods
Unlock the pain that has restrained you from the glories shaman
Cry for you to have, aching inside for you to deliver your white flag

Unstrangle the bitter vines that have taught
You to believe your mediocrity could never receive
Anything greater and be the instigator of your soul path
As destiny breaks the chains that have been deceiving you
To believe that cold metal could ever love you like the warmth of my sun

You are free to fly with me I am speaking to you
Directly to your core being your whole center I am
Asking the reigning mother inside of you if it is okay for you
To come out and play before the light goes away before we lose
Another day… run with me in the golden fields of our gorgeous chanted
Screams breaking through the broken screens

You are safe here with me…


Image | bushong.net | Dave series

Dave series

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