Paint the madness of your life
Wild colors like the sky
Just before the sun sets
To say goodbye

Begin again

What’s stopping you? Are you crazy?
Show me how crazy you can be
Paint the world with your crazy love
Every part of your human being
This is you

Embrace yourself with the brush of life
Colors fly from finger tips
Music notes waltz and sway
Through your teeth and out your lips
When you’re awake
When you’re asleep

Scream it out if you have to
Shout to the world with your
Greatest madness
I love you!

Inner demons creating miracles
Of unspeakable beauty
Forcing you to love even the darkest
Parts of yourself that you fear
Tame the beast
Ride the wolf inside of you
Paw prints of beauty and life
Leaving your tracks of love and light
Behind you

Glow with the power of a thousand sandstorms
Of crazy affection rising all around you

Turn the madness into the most beautiful portrait you know
The painted masterpiece of your soul

Spread your wings, let the Phoenix in you ascend
Feathers out arms wide spread ready set go!
What are you waiting for?

Paint the madness of your soul
You are a masterpiece to behold
Ride the wolf
Feel your heartbeat thunder
Like an earthquake through the floor
Penetrating love across the globe
Do not underestimate your power anymore

You are an eagle so let your voice soar
You are a dragon so let your fire burn forever more
You are a lion, you are
Any beast or creature you desire
Paint your madness like wild fire
Reach down into your core
And let your madness roar

Image | Prophetic Sketch 25 Lion of Judah Awakens With A Roar | Anne Cameron  Cutri


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