The stars surround the pools of lightening in your eyes
Like the willow hangs its leaves in quiet wise disguise
The moment that we met my heart soon realized
That you were something more than ever to behold
Something reminiscent of a blanket in the cold
A beautiful illusion to unfold
Like the greatest bedtime
Story ever told

We walked onto the water with such grace
The sun was shining down so brightly on your face
The memories of everything I love began to race
And the beating in my heart became replaced
By the rhythm of your pulse upon my chest
Your warm arms melted all around me
And every care had found a place
To be remembered in
The space that we

We stood for hours holding hands beneath the showers
Of mirror blue dreams that all became the both of ours
We were relentlessly engaged in one another
Appreciating every blessing of such power
Given by our Mother’s Nature
Spirit found us to be grateful
There was no stopping
What imagination blazed
Out of this beautiful
Umbrella of
Light rays

I’ll sing to you the songs of water lullabies
Effortlessly I’ll carry you sweet love of mine
Each step we take we’ll leave behind
Another tear, you are divine

Please rest your head
Upon my shoulder

Image Blend | The Terry Tree | Original Image of Nature Jen Smith | Silhouette Image Tamalas Ghost


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