Spirit whistles to you
Let go just a little bit more
Life is full of obstacles
What’s your hurry?
You deserve to enjoy
The blessings in store
You were born to experience
The charm of this life
What are you rushing towards?

Rest your head on my shoulder
Together we will steer clear
Of the emotional boulders
Guiding you through
As we chariot this path
Take my lead into
Meadows of meaning
Enchanted hearts beating
A timeless unity where
Hurriedness feelings
Dissolve while you’re

Let me be your light
Through every tunnel
Train tracks at night
Anything and everything
That harnesses your mind
From the blackness of unkind
Moments that overwhelm
I will embrace you when the world
Has broken your will to survive
To slow down and to take
One breath at a time

Believe in me
Enjoy your beauty
Let your senses receive
The reflection of yourself
You never thought you could be

Ease up and linger
Tomorrow will come
Just as it did centuries ago
The sun will rise in your eyes
As it has once before
The moon will soon set again
On the heart of your shore


Image blend | The Terry Tree
Original painting | Artist Unknown


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