Parting curtains of stars
To reveal the promise in Your eyes
Digging through waves and values
My boat drifts peacefully
In the arms of Your ocean
Pushing back echoes of clouds
To peel away Your whispers
Of impossible truth

We drive
Thundering beyond
The lightening of disguise
Removing the insecure costumes of life
Disbelief melts and drips behind
Into a parade of certainty

I slip Your love over my hands
Like a jacket of light
I feel You through each sleeve
Suiting up I carry You
You are bundled up
With me

Swaddled in Your smile
We fit together handsomely

You are the perfect outfit
A cloak of protective insight
A vest of unforgettable memories

The most precious thing
My mind could ever seek
You are the treasure that I keep
In the front pocket of my dreams


Image Blend | The Terry Tree


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