You are the fabric
Embracing the outside of my heart
You resonate Your drumbeat
Wrapping Your pulsating streams
Throughout my spirit’s cage
Around my holy gate
You are the light in my veins when
My mind wants to shine darker
You will always be
The first melody I can remember
My hands were empty
Until I knew that I could touch You again
I send a message to the celestial heavens
Swimming through angelstars
Dear God, with You I am soaring in
A never ending roaring echo of love
Both awake and asleep in Your
Infinite dream lovequake
Forever burning in this lustrous tree
Of Your eternal life
Esprit, You set me free
Espíritu, You carry me

I am Your wings
Take my love
Show me how to breathe
A gift to Thee
Everything that I am
Is Yours to mold into
The formless spirit
You would have me be


Digital Image Blend | The Terry Tree 


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