The further in the reach will cry
To surface beveled wind and sky

Wade less in the pool of text
Encountering the dampest

Moments memories mind to feel
Things our tongues would test to say
To capture the appeal

Our questions answer paradox
As grapes did once conflict the fox

We hinder in the cold
As cinders dark behold
The beautiful unfolds
A hideaway foretold
Of fire and love consoled

Rescue now the winds of time
Along the waters level

Explanations taunt with the tides
Fleeting affection at shoreside

Ever push and pull we are
Fragile such as fading stars

In voice our chords have failed to brace
What lips would speak to chase and chase

New memories will we soon create
Our hideaway at sundown waits

Meet me before the dawn breaks free
Beneath sacred sycamore tree
Our great escape in midnight’s cape
With Spirit resting peacefully


Artwork | Anabela Faia | A OUTRA MARGEM | Acrilico s/tela


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