Glares of Moon Stars
Shine brightly overhead
As I am gazing out my window
Resting in my bed
Thinking of the ones I love
Holding them so tight
With every beat my heart conducts
I hold you in my mind

An orchestra of petals
A choir of starlight
Beckons me come morning
Bends its way through with sunlight
Through an opening I see
The day reach out its hands
Welcoming us to embrace
The gifts that we’ve been given
Simple blessings we receive

The gift to see each other
The gift to read our words
The gift to hold each other
The gift of hummingbirds
The gift to taste the sweetness
The gift of fruit on earth
The gift to love each other
The gift to know our worth

I pray that we are able
To see the simple gifts
The Christmas of our lives
Everyday not once a year
To be here to support and love
Each other is a gift
And I thank heaven up above
For blessing me with
Your friendship


Image | iwritealot.com


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