Team Love

This morning I went to make a purchase at a local store, as I am currently preparing for the spring, and starting my seeds indoors. The cashier, who had been very pleasant to me from the moment I walked into the store, and I began bagging things up together. When we finished I said “Go team!,” to which she replied, “I’m not on your team, I am on Jesus’s team.” I said, “I love Jesus too,” and she replied, “I don’t know that, you’re a customer and we’re not on any team.” I was truly taken aback by this. I said, “But that’s not what Jesus taught, he taught us to love one another.” She said, “Just go!”

This moment made me sad because I could not reach this person. I realized just how much so many spiritual life-lesson teachings, especially the teachings of Jesus, have been corrupted. The basic message of love has been taken away from understanding the intent and meaningful purpose that His message was truly taught to be. To love one another.

It’s hard to conceptualize how everything in life has a meaning. It’s difficult to believe that something is happening to you as a life-lesson especially when it is uncomfortable. Our free will allows us to act and behave however we choose. The choice we make on how we behave is an individual experience. Just as a person can choose to keep their negative comments and damaging behaviors to themselves, a person can also choose not to take what someone says personally. However, we will most likely also have to make the choice to put our emotions in check, choosing not to allow the sensitive side within to get the best of us and effectively ruin the day.

Many people do not take time out to consider others. If this has happened to you I am truly sorry that you were invited to feel this way. A lot of folks clearly know not what they do, especially those who are suffering from mental health issues. It is my hope that we can learn something from the nerve racking experiences that take place in our lives. It is also my hope that this does not happen for you often. In the event that this inevitable moment arrives, it is my hope that a light of imagination and creativity will go off in your head and in your heart. It is my hope that you will find the courage, the strength and the power within you to smile or even to laugh. It is my hope that any bad experience that takes place in your life will impress upon you the ability to feel better and not worse. It is my prayer that we are able to look past the pain and suffering that folks impose upon us. It is my prayer that we can stand together in love.

Those of us who understand the concept of loving one another unconditionally can truly grasp the meaning of love and compassion in life. To be able to appreciate oneself and others in love and the many teachings that speak to this encourages so many incredible opportunities to feel wonderful inside and to share this experience with others. The message of love has been both spoken and written by Saints, Guru’s and Sages of all spiritual backgrounds. There are many who believe in this message. One true message that should never be corrupted. To interosculate. To form a connecting link. To love one another.

Sending Love In Waves Of Light,


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