Bottomless Heart

Imagine how low
Uncharted this flow
My love
Depth of seas below
Think of
Oceans that we know
The deeper we go
My love

Limitless long streets
Send me home to thee
Where sweet sun retreats
Bright moonlight completes
Our love
We challenge beliefs
And dance with our feet

Prance the curving moon
Space exploring views
My love
Unmapped oceans brew
Moonwaltzers canoe
Our love
A zillion stars shoot
There is no end to
My love

Measure if you can
Bottomless heartlands
Think of
White moon dust and sand
Boundless is our end
My love
Hold onto my hand
Behold our wingspan
Of love


Artwork | Via: Malintha Perera

Poetic Form: Lai | A lai (or lay lyrique, “lyric lay”, to distinguish it from a lai breton) is a lyrical, narrative poem written in octosyllabic couplets that often deals with tales of adventure and romance. Lais were mainly composed in France and Germany, during the 13th and 14th centuries. It’s a nine-line poem or stanza that uses an “a” and “b” rhyme following this pattern: aabaabaab. The lines with an “a” rhyme use 5 syllables; the “b” rhyme lines have 2 syllables.


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