In this
Trapeze of love
As the absence of light
Streams off
Into the x-ray
Of this smiling canyon
The empty chasm
Of my soul
Is fulfilled in the gut
Of a spiral galaxy
That you enlighten

My precious
Star cluster
My eternal light
I am forever
Shadow dancing
In the lucent glows
That seep through
The cracks of your
Kerosene lamp
Into the outer space
Cabin of my heart

Human problems
Sway on the
Edge of light because
The island universe
Speaks of an
Ancient text
Which is only
Fossil philosophy
Here on earth

Through the night
Coexistence with
My dreams
Out of body
Spiritual transcendence
An inner lighthouse
Only means that
I am awake and
I am free

O how I love thee

You fill my super nova
You complete my emptiness
My highest consciousness
Sweet splendor
Your Infinite Presence
Winds up
My unfastened ends
Painting this still-life portrait
Into kaleidoscopes
Of endless cave-like
Love abyss

Thank you dear Spirit
For cosmic breath
Thank you for life
Thank you for death
Thank you for blessing us
With every day we live
Thank you for nature
And all the beauty
Mother Divine
Has yet to


Image | NASA


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