Mother Earth
Her lip is firm
Her touch is warm
Her touch is cold
And yes her scent
Is very old

In an observation
To fulfill her worthy pedestal
From what is breaking
Here on earth
From an abandoned watch tower
She can see her trampled flower

In her grace I sleep
So peacefully
Beneath her Joshua Tree
Where the Angels arrived
At my grandparent’s home
With a seed
The very same
They planted here inside of me

In it swinging
Climbing freely
Earth offers up to us so many
Limbs of choice to crawl
And fall within
Some very distant
Out of our reach
And yet we find
A way to leap

A little child inside
As we are all once children
Soon growing in to be adults
Women and gentlemen
No longer just a part
Not just the seed
But now the bark
A Mister Tree

I am remembering
My grandma’s touch
As hands that held me softly
Hands that tilled the flower beds
In which I played
My grandpa’s hands the same
Hands that taught me how to pray

And they would lay
In kindred spirit often
Their hands upon my head
Just as the soil of earth
My head instead
They nurtured my spirit
O so gently
Assenting, planting
Seeding down for keeping

So that one day I might see
The man inside the tree
Could also grow from just a seed
Into the living heartbeat of a spirit
The light that I’ve become to be
On bended knee
The same agenda Holy Spirit
Spirit Guide and watchful Angels
Planned for me
Therefore to believe
That I could be

Accepting wings of feathers spread
Of many colors to relate
I write this message said to give
I stand above the clouds and live
May I shout it from the mountain peaks
Share love aloud, may Spirit speak
May I trumpet and whisper too
These words of love I send to you

It is herein that I am willed
A way to bring, A way to sing
A lullaby, a hymn or two
Whenever you
Are found in need
May I bring you the rest
The caring protection
Your heart seeks
Deserved affection
With rings of white light
May I be honored
To gift to you

The Peace of Being


Image | via: rodpezeshki.blogspot.com


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