Do you second guess yourself? Do you always wish that you could have done something better, or that you could be somewhere else or someone else? If you look back and think to yourself, “I did it right this time, but I should have been doing it the right way all along…”

Remember the wise old tree. The tree does not say, “I wish I had grown a branch over here. I wish my leaves were a little bit greener this year. I wish my bark was much younger not so weathered and tethered. I wish I wasn’t so ugly I wish I looked better. I wish I picked a different spot to spread out into, I wish I planted my home with a different view.”

The wise old tree is content growing and thriving right where it is. There is no regret in the heart of the budding tree. There is no thinking, “I wish I was something other than me…”

So when you are in doubt of your beauty and depth, take a moment to find a nice place to rest. Perhaps by a tree or a picture will do, of a favorite place with a calm serene view. Now, think of this tree and then think of you. Think of the ancient wisdom a tree can give you. Look to your right and then look to your left, look up then look down and take a DEEP breath. Take it ALL in, take a good look around, and think of the peace that the wise tree has found.

Be proud of the things you’ve accomplished thus far, be proud of your roots and just love who you are.


Image | liviniawalls.com


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