Spirit Sayeth

There is nothing more beautiful than the way you make me feel when you look into the mirror and see the gorgeous spirit I created you to be. I know it may be hard to believe but I do not make mistakes. You are the most precious wonder I could imagine the moment you were sparked into existence. On the day that I conceived you there was a flame twisted by wind into a tornado that danced along the ocean with invincible grace, journeying across the landscape where you were first planted in the soil like a tree. When your parents walked along the earth that I created, your seed became the baby that your mother carried in her womb. You are blossoming in every way that I could have possibly hoped for and intended. Though some days are harder than others your soul path, when walked with me, will reveal to you the next step that you should take, each and every day. I am always with you. I do not make mistakes. I would never disown you. I will never throw you away. No matter what.

Shine your light directly from the depths of your heart projecting love to me. I am always with you day and night, night and day. When you doubt and when you fear you can pray to have me near. Close to you I will always be. I am your strength, your courage, your ability to push through any obstacle. Know that I love you and that I’m always thinking of you, for you are every bit of the miracle I intended to design.


Image | Google Images | Artist UnknownIMG_4052.JPG

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