Your power is your own. It belongs to you and with you. Don’t give your power away to anyone. When our power is taken from us we cannot function, we feel weak and we are defeated. We share power between us connected as a whole. It is necessary for you to have your power in order for you to share it. If you are feeling out of control, restless or simply under the weather, check in with your power and recharge. You can say a prayer, meditate or even go for a walk or repeat a mantra to yourself. An example of this might be…

I____________ own my power
I am a powerful being of light
Only I can possess my power
No one can take it away from me
I am all powerful in God
I believe in the impossible
My power belongs with me
I am fulfilled in my own power once again
I am a force that makes all things possible

As a being of light in the Divine Universal community of one love, we are One, and all knowledge, spiritual intelligence and power are beating inside of you. Use this power for good and feel the immediate warmth that rises up inside of you. Just as a smile from a stranger can change the outcome of your day, you are capable of changing the world one person at a time in a brilliant and magnificent way beginning with yourself.


Image | Via: Evolover Social Movement


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