Do not forsake the gifts that you’ve been given from carefree or difficult decisions you have made along the way of your soul path. Know what you thought to be okay may have been right for where you are today. Everything you have learned from every decision that you made, yes even the worst ones that embarrass you, or choices you fear that others may find out, have made it possible for you to become this soul-self that you are.

The sooner that you love yourself for the dead end roads you have attempted along the way, the sooner you will forgive your past for what we call ‘mistakes’ and embrace them as learnaches. When you see how powerful this release is, you will find everything that you did has no bearing on where you are going unless you do not make the decision to move on.

It is only humans who cannot move forward because he or she continues to live in a world of confusion and sadness without realizing that it’s okay to have made some choices that held him or her back in life. (These choices may even be worse in your mind than they actually are in real time.) When we focus on our unproductive choices in a negative way we are definitely not loving ourselves. Try not to focus on right or wrong or good and bad as much. These judgements are clearly different for every soul.

Every pathway is unique to each spirit. Make it about how you feel. Does the next action that you take make you smile and feel productive or does it make you want to act in a way that reminds you of old non-productive behaviors? This is your chance to take your life back and forget about the crap. Make the good stuff in your soul shine through before the day is done. When you wake up tomorrow say, “Ahhhh, Isn’t it a beautiful morning!” And move forward from this moment on. Or simply sing a goofy song.

I know it sounds easy and believe me I know that it’s not, but the only way to truly believe in yourself is to accept that the decisions that you made along the way got you where you are today. The key, is to put this into practice right away. Hesitation is like gum on your shoe. It doesn’t matter what you DID it only matters what you’re DOING to live your life the way creation has intended. I believe that this is different for all of us but one thing is the same, to practice love. God forgives you, now forgive yourself.

Don’t worry about what your neighbor Bob thinks about you, or what Susie down the street said to Janis or even what God thinks about their lifestyles. Just smile and focus on the love that has been inside of you waiting for you to realize its potential your whole life. Learn to laugh and let go of your learnaches. Know if you made a fool of yourself yesterday you will absolutely know how not to make a fool of yourself tomorrow and today.



Artwork | EFECTO | Joaquín Medina


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