She’s kept her love for him as alive as the summer they first met. In order to do this, she’s turned life away. Sometimes she subsists for days on water and air. Being the only known complex life-form to do this, she should have a species named after her. Once Uncle Julian told me how the sculptor and painter Alberto Giacometti said that sometimes just to paint a head you have to give up the whole figure. To paint a leaf, you have to sacrifice the whole landscape. It might seem like you’re limiting yourself at first, but after a while you realize that having a quarter-of-an-inch of something you have a better chance of holding on to a certain feeling of the universe than if you pretended to be doing the whole sky.

My mother did not choose a leaf or a head. She chose my father. And to hold on to a certain feeling, she sacrificed the world.

Quote | Nicole Krauss | The History of Love

Be with someone who makes you better than you are with yourself. Be with someone who will hold the lightening that you’ve captured in life. Be with someone that encourages you to become the best version of yourself. If you have not found this person yet, take your time and be with yourself.

Whether you are to be with a man or a woman, whomever you choose to be with, make sure that they want to share the same values in life with you that you do. After all, at the end of the day, it is better to spend your time investing in a love for yourself with God, friends and, family. To give your love away to someone who cannot respect it or clearly does not know how to, is to bury it in the back yard.

Differences in a relationship that carry on, and on, and on, may be an indication that each of you actually belong by yourself, somewhere else or with someone else. Listen to the songbird in your heart. What is this beautiful creature singing? Is this your path to be enlightened? Your heart was born to shine. Your love was meant to glow. Be with those who truly care for you, and do not compromise your growth.


Artwork | Lovers | Josephine Wall


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