There are often times that I feel I need to be grounded. With the everyday hustle and bustle of life it seems as though life pushes it’s anxieties off on us and then we push them off onto each other. A person of spiritual nature who connects with a higher source, rather than just the self, understands that this is all mundane behavior in the grand scheme of creation. Although these activities are lessons we can learn from they can also be very draining. My solution was to write a little song.

My song is not very long. It has been with me for many years and therefore has generated a lot of power and energy. It is very easy to remember and I can sing it out loud when I am walking by myself, around the corner of a building if I need to excuse myself, or even hum it quietly or completely silently in my mind. On other occasions depending on how badly I need to touch base, if I cannot remove myself, I stand on the edge of a cliff in my mind and shout it over the crashing waves below. One of my very favorite places to find is a stairwell or corridor. The possibility of someone coming in is there, but the effects are ever so resounding and healing! If someone comes in or I hear a door I quiet myself or just find another location and sing until I am grounded.

The key to this exercise is to keep this song-chant-mantra to yourself. Why? Because the more people that become aware of the words in your very own special song, the less power it can contain. You can share any song that you like with your loved ones but there should be one, just one, that is yours and yours alone. You are never truly alone when you sing your song because you can share it with Loved ones that have passed, Spirits of light, Mother Divine, Grandfather Fire, God, Guru’s, a Yogi, Angels, Saints of all religions… the list goes on and on.

Start with something simple and build from there. Just four lines perhaps as a suggestion to get you going. If that seems overwhelming try two lines. It can rhyme or not. It can be silly or serious. Get creative. This is your song! It will be written in your heart and in your soul for all time. No one can ever take it from you if they don’t know what it is therefore, no one can truly steal your joy and no one will ever have the power to control that sacred part of you. Take back your power and write your own heart grounding soul song.


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