Bat Spirit Animal

If Bat has swooped across your path, you have just received a significant omen for change in your life. You are being asked to pay attention to the signs around you whether they are physical, mental, emotional or spiritual in nature. The Bat is a symbol of the death of some part of you that no longer serves your higher calling. Follow through on new ideas, hunches and even emotions that you are not familiar with. This change may be somewhat painful if you forestall it – however know that if you embrace it the universe will make every attempt to make these changes as easy as possible for you.

If the Bat is your Animal Totem, you are highly sensitive to and extremely aware of your surroundings and have a powerful ability to see through illusions. You tend to dive straight into the heart of matters. You are nurturing, have good communications skills and use your sense of touch as part of corresponding. You are also highly adaptable to any situation you find yourself in.

The presence of the Bat indicates a presence of psychic gifts and abilities. These may express themselves through dreams, or other channels. Psychic gifts, such as the ability to utilise extra-sensory perception, clairaudience (sound) and clairvoyance (sight), are present to help you. Divination methods like tarot, runes and the pendulum can also be helpful for guidance. Signs or indications of adjustments to be made will manifest within yourself, or they may manifest within people around you. Developing intuitive abilities through diligent practices of meditation and visualization you will further increase your connection to your spiritual self, to the Divine and to God.

Spirit Bat

Five happinesses have been explained of you
Ranked arrangements of Wu Fu, Long Life, Good Death,
Chinese Wealth, Peace, Cultivation of Virtue
Cavernous longevity’s immortal breath
A ruler of fire you swallow the sun
Devouring light many from you do run
You see through the darkness with this inner light
Enfolded in shadows of positive sight

A creature of the heavens night dusk and dawn
Harbinger of rain, protected from the day
Exposing your incredible Mother song
Viewing the Universe upside down this way
Father protector of childbirth infants
Prolific clear vision heeds loving distance
Spiritual clarity will find the hanged man
Evaluate facts, attempt to comprehend

A significant omen of change in life
Symbol of death to unleash the forestalling
Loving your enemies, embracing the knife
Nurturing personal growth that is calling
Let go of the ego you shriek as you glide
The echoes from catacombs rumble inside
You hide from within as you hang from our ribs
To let you rise out is to be free again

To see through illusion dive straight to the heart
Perception is psychic and prophet-able
Old habits are no longer needed and part
Compatible is unrealized potentials
Wading through the dark with wings to find the spark
That clings within every cry and every hark
As we embark upon our shamanic paths
As we splash in this vibrational sound bath

Renewing our thoughts of initiation
Facing dark sides of the new identity
In planting the seed of fertilization
Formulating in our renewed chemistry
Out of body experience arising
The true self is no longer found disguising
Living on many fruits of integrity
All aspects of the self breathe out breathlessly

Communion to coexist within ourselves
Hibernating with warmth as intuition
Hearing the soul speak out from the darker self
We are aligned within our inner vision
Manifestation of a separable soul
Our inner child awakened now becomes whole
Higher self is invoked mysteriously
And we have found your way back curiously

Quiet depth tells us to listen with our ears
Ambiguity no longer clouding sight
Our eyes are not the tools that we need to hear
Surfacing in me everything I denied
I give in of myself every permission
To make and to create this out transition
Spiritual growth and new relationship flip
With Earth with Life with Death with God with Friendship



Poetic Form | Rispetto | Spirit Bat | Photo | Ghost Bat | Leanne Allen

Listen to Bats: http://www.soundboard.com/sb/bat_sounds_audio

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