Raising awareness to disease
Our prayers go out to you in need
Mental chaos, Many bleed
We raise a light to shine so bright
Upon the torture you’ve been through
You are so far away from me
But here my prayers as I am there
This genocide is real
With you I feel the loss you feel
Your children whom have died
And for what reason I can’t find
I look through articles and film
Nothing revealed that I could see
To justify what man has done
In all eternity of souls
Why can we not live with each other?
Must we extinguish one another?
Rohingya, Rohingya you are beautiful
Your hearts are strong
You will survive this painful long
Enduring battle for your blood
You will recover, You will recover
As I reach out to many others
To your sisters and your brothers
I ask for you to pray
A prayer of protection
To put and end to this insanity
Denounce live burnings of these people
That God will make a presence known
For you are creations creatures
There is no suffering to teach us
All power animals draw near
Soften hearts of neighbors here
From every nest, from every tree
Protect the good distract the enemy
Burma, Thailand, Bangladesh
Now be more compassionate than this
What is happening is wrong
Listen closely to my song
Ethnic cleansing
Murder of minors
Malnourished refugees
Restless beings, Restless beings
We meditate in love for you
Protective use of force to move
Protect the innocent in every place
Stop the waste of human race
Teach us to love, Teach us to share
Teach us to pray, Teach us to care
Teach us that there is enough room
Rohingya we want nothing more beware
Protection calling spirits to be there
Your Lightworkers we are
Listen to our cures to stop the war
Through tears and cries and words
Forevermore we raise our hands
At forehead height and chant for you
And every other soul abused
Every other soul misused
Your pain is not forgotten
In Our Universe
On Our Earth
In Our Existence



Artwork | Rohingya | akrockefeller.com

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