Owl Spirit Animal

The owl spirit animal is emblematic of a deep connection with wisdom and intuitive knowledge. If you have the owl as totem or power animal, you’re likely to have the ability to see what’s usually hidden to most. When the spirit of the animal guides you, you can the true reality and see beyond illusion and deceit. The owl also offers for those who have it a personal totem the inspiration and guidance necessary to deeply explore the unknown and the magic of life.

When the owl is one of your power animals, you have a strong intuition and can access information and wisdom that’s usually hidden to most. The spirit of this animal encourages you to look beyond deceiving appearances into the true reality of a situation or a person’s motives. When the owl shows up in your life, listen and look out for the subtle signs that are around you. Your animal spirit guide is a great helper to be attentive to what usually goes below your radar, but is now of particular importance.

Spirit Owl

Symbol of
Gift of second sight
Attribute of seers light

Wisdom is
Manifested in
Pitch black night
Most are blind
Guide into the setting sun
Conductor of souls

With what spirit means
To produce
Knowledge of
Ancient creatures to the world
What power in flight

In question
I call upon you
To answer
When my soul
Cannot seem to find its place
Back to my pathway

Light in dark
Beyond the veil of
Unknown field
Encouraging me to look
Every direction

Night eagle
Intuition is on fire
When I dream of you

Some view you
As a bad omen
I only
See you as
A guide to uncover my
Hidden potential

Wings assess
Attentive to change
You show me
The steps to
Mystery and magical
Doorways to safety


Photo | The Stare of the Eagle Owl | Andrew Yu | Shadorma

Listen to Owls: http://www.learner.org/jnorth/tm/spring/OwlDictionary.html

Article text via : http://www.spiritanimal.info/owl-spirit-animal/


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