It happened six seconds from now
When you found it, a note
With your name on it
Floating about
Cross the parkway it sang
Towards the bridge
in intervals
As a musical undersong
in lucid refrain
As birds might take flight
Upscaled whistling wings
Toured and glided
Generous words filled the sky…

“You are a magnificent spark,
glowing deep in the belly
of your disfigured heart.”

You began to
Unshell yourself
Of the places that drowned
Your pitch
Places that resemble the traces
That linger around
In a ditch
To destroy you
Just to surround you
Just to employ you
with empty
infertile dreams
“I love me not” sounds
In a chorus of
Breath crushing screams

Now teeming with light
Everything you lost in the river
Replaced to quench your thirst
Now beaming you fight
To feel yourself again as blood bursts
Through everything that you hate yourself for
Every morning and night
Erased, no longer abandoned
By the ones you thought
Would be there the most

This is a toast
Of water
Of love
Of strength
From above
From below
Incoming between

And diving
Into your soul

An explosion
Of forgiveness
In the form of an ocean
No longer tied to defeat
Swallows of love
Sweetly teach
you to sing
With soft bellows
You wear the song
Like a ring
Wedlock of water
You walk into the fire of life


Digital Artwork | Artist Unknown


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