Sometimes I wonder
What it is about life
That makes me love it so much?
Skipping, laughing, singing and such
Enough has sure happened
It seems that I couldn’t
There are plenty of reasons
To tell me I shouldn’t.

But I do

Sometimes I wonder
Why did he have to go?
Why’s it her time today?
How on Earth, Mother Earth
Does the good Lord know,
That it’s her time to stay
And his time to go?
How in tarnation
am I still here, you know?
How in all the stars
could it be so…
That I should stay here and live
While others should go?

But I do

I’m friendly enough
I suppose that’s a perk
Yes, I’m quite a bit nicer
Than you’re regular jerk
But still it sure seems
There is more to this maze
This puzzle of why
I’m still able to gaze upon life
Clearly I’m no more important than he?
Certainly not of more value than she.
I scratch my head pondering
I haven’t a clue
But stay here and stay here and stay here

I do

A thought came to me
What do I have to give?
This must be why
I’ve been chosen to live.
So I smile at anyone,
Total strangers in fact
Although folks seem to find it
Pretty hard to smile back
Yes I smile with a healthy
“Good Mornin’!,” “Good Day!”
Even though I get looks that say,
“Hey go climb a tree!”
“Stay there awhile!” “Don’t look at me!”
It seems that I shouldn’t even want to say “Hi!”

But I do
Can you tell me why?

Each moment I live
That I’m feeling okay
I make something out of,
And sure I have days…
Like when push comes to shove
It’s all over I’m through
I can’t take any more
I can’t bear to go on

But somehow I do

I have come to believe
To make sense of all this
That for many of us
Ignorance is not bliss
The more that we know and
The harder we grow
The hurt starts to break us
And take us below
What our standard for life
Used to be normally
Where our hopes and our dreams
To succeed and achieve
Become weighed down by life
By the bills and the truth
And the pills and our youth
That our families don’t love us
And equality lies, racism, slavery
Government spies
Pets and friends die
Staying strong in this life
Makes us come all unglued

But I do

Only one thing could make me
See deep into what this whole purpose
For living is meant to be loved
Because life can take beautiful
And tear it apart
Smother and drown out
Our once vital spark
Turn reasons to live for
Into something so dark
Give credence to evil and
Break open our hearts
Stomp out the innocent
Choke out the weak
Pay to keep mouths shut
Tell us not to speak

But I do

I believe of the ones that are left to record
What takes place
On this plain we call Earth
Our reward
On this grain in the sand of our beached Universe
You and I, we protect all the wavering minds
From the hurt as we bleed
Hold the hands, hold the headspace
Of the mentally blind, kind people
Are the best kind of people to find
And for those of you out there that can’t
Crack a smile
Could you make an exception
And smile for awhile?
You may not see a reason to

But I do

Give compliments, flowers
Fruit, a breath of fresh air
Take a walk in the park with a friend
If you dare
Make room in your heart
To look after each other
Bend down, look around
Reach out to your brother
This is the reason we haven’t been taken
We are stronger than most
Do not be mistaken
This is your chance to be there, not to run
Tomorrow just might be too late
When the sun starts to rise
How will you live with yourself
You decide
It will hurt your heart more
To leave someone behind
If you help them
You may not know what you will find

But I do


Digital Artwork | Artist Unknown


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