Pine cone dreams of cotton candy
Fold into my arms for just a moment
Wish away the pain of world hunger
Dwelling deep within the rings of Saturn’s light

Who should slash this thought of time
Within the sand of hours that I’ve captured
Spend moments wondering where the color red began
To ask the question, to understand
If memories are safe

Living in the past becomes a mystery
And so it is within this sphinx that I am lost
Yet somehow free
From waiting endlessly

As the past becomes my present
The polar bear my friend
The moonlight just a shadow
That I dance with in the end

It’s when light breaks that I soon realize
Shards of glass have slipped beneath
The thoughts with which I’m walking
In my mind beneath my feet

Spirit guide me
Stay with me

My own flesh
My own blood
My own defeat and
My own dreams

Terry Tree

Painting | Acrylic & Oil | Grief | Geino Äotsch


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