Remarks on the second chapter ‘Karma’ from ‘The Seat of the Soul’ by Gary Zukav

“The soul is. It has no beginning and no end but flows toward wholeness.” What is the soul exactly? The soul as defined by dictionary.com states, “the principle of life, feeling, thought, and action in humans, regarded as a distinct entity separate from the body, and commonly held to be separable in existence from the body; the spiritual part of humans as distinct from the physical part.” It is this very distinction of separate parts that introduces the idea of karma and our lifetime of personality that is one of the many facets we experience in our souls. It is the lessons that we learn as the life of a mother, a brother, a leader or teacher through love, fear, ignorance, abandonment, defiance, and tenderness that serve our evolution in the soul. All aspects of each personality exist at once in the soul. These aspects however are artificial. When the soul’s incarnation ends, the soul continues on.

Incarnation is a living being embodying a deity or spirit. After an incarnation takes place the soul returns once again to a natural state of compassion and limitless love. The incarnation of the soul is a reduction of its power that is appropriate for a physical form. A person’s personality will show many sides from suffering to grace, loving to hating. If any of these parts are incomplete, the personality that is formed will be out of harmony. The soul relates as a product that is formed from the vibrational aspect of a name and also in relation to the planets at the time of its incarnation. The personality that develops however, cannot operate independently from the soul.

Personality can appear as a force that is running amuck in the world with no attachment or connection to its own energy. This is an example of what evil can look like in a human being. It is the result of the personality being unable to find its reference point or relate directly to the connection of its core. If we participate in the cause, it is not possible for us not to participate in the effect. Therefore we are independently partaking in the fruit of this intention whether we are connected to ourselves or not.

The person who intends to incur hatred onto others will experience the intention of hatred from others. A person who intends love for others will experience the beauty of love from others. A personal letter from karma would read, “You receive from the world what you put into the world.” This is not to be confused with morality because the moral dynamic is of human origin. The karma of the soul blossoms from activities played out by various states of personality traits. In order to fulfill wholeness, the soul must attain balanced energy. A part of that balance comes with coexisting with other like souls, and also divorcing unbalanced, dissimilar souls.

Blending with other souls challenges each individual to respond with compassion, yet not with the perception that some part of this interconnectedness as unfair. It is near to impossible to ever understand why people are hostile, negative, abusive, selfish and full of judgement. A person that engages in any kind of violence is obviously hurting immeasurably on a deeper level. Healthy balanced souls are truly incapable of causing pain and suffering on one another. When we judge, negative karma is created. This karma must then be lived out and is capable of extending itself beyond present life as we know it. Non-judgmental justice opens the window to view everything in life. Christ and Gandhi are examples of souls incarnate that asked forgiveness from those that terrorized and tortured them. This is nonjudgmental justice.

Non-judgmental justice allows us the freedom to observe life as it is without responding negatively. Understanding who we are and how we are connected to the universe is a key element in allowing what can flow naturally within what embraces our karmic evolvement. Feelings allow us to understand parts of our personalities that the soul means to heal. “The road to the soul is through your heart.” Understanding our hearts allows us the basic ability to project love onto the soul of another. When we project love we evolve from being un-empowered into becoming healthy, empowered, individual personalities, within our souls.

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