We are all poems in search of a voice. “A poem,” said Robert Frost, “begins in delight and ends in wisdom.” So does life, if it is lived as the the angels would like us to live it. And poetry is, after all, life transformed into verse- the surging, exhilarating, untamed current of human thought, feeling and experience. We do not have to be able to write poetry to experience it for poetry is everywhere, within us and without. Have you ever watched the lyrical movement of trees in the breeze, the rhythmic soaring of birds overhead, the measured emergence of stars as they become visible to the evening sky? Have you ever listened to your inner poetry- your thoughts, your dreams, the song of your own soul? The angels have given you many poems, waiting like the stars to come out and illuminate the heaven that is within. And they believe that the poet is the embodiment of courage, for he or she dares to give a voice to the yearnings that too often lie buried in human hearts. Unearth your yearnings; give them a voice. It is then that your life can begin again in delight and end in wisdom. What are the poems of your soul? Invite yourself to write a poem about one of them. If you have difficulty getting started, try reading some poetry everyday. Experiencing the poetry of others will help to awaken the poetry within you. Daily Meditation: I recognize and activate the poems of my soul. ~ Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain with tHE tERRY tREE

Artwork | Artist Unknown | Follow Image Link


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