Approval: You do not need to be approved; you are sanctioned by heaven. What is your approval rating? If you know, then you are in trouble. How could we have an approval rating when it is no one else’s business to approve what we do? Seeking approval gets us into all kinds of trouble. We agree to do things we don’t want to do out of the fear that the person asking may disapprove of us if we say no. Approval causes some people to lie about themselves. It is natural to want approval- to be regarded favorably by people- but the trouble comes in seeking others’ approval before we approve of who we are to ourselves. The whole issue of approval is foreign to the angels. It is just another way humans give away their freedom of being. Next time you feel uncomfortable about an agreement you made, ask yourself if it was made because you were seeking a approval. Stop looking for approval in all the wrong places by not seeking it in the first place. Ask the angels to help you stay conscious in entering agreements that you really want to make, not ones designed for the illusion of approval. The joke is, others don’t really approve of us anyway; they are too busy seeking their own approval. Daily Mediation: I am endorsed by heaven; I am sanctioned by the angels. I will look beyond approval and live an honest life. ~ Terry Lynn Taylor & Mary Beth Crain with tHE tERRY tREE

Painting | Paul-Gustave Fischer | Oil on Canvas | Seeking Approval

Seeking Approval

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