Everything in our social and professional area is prompting us to put our best self under the spotlight. Dedicating our entire sensitivity and intuition to the service of other people is a beautiful thing to be able to share, especially when we are in tune with every one and everything around us. Enjoying a very positive public image and the popularity that comes with it will continue to increase significantly. Be generous with yourself and share this same appreciation towards your own heart. Love yourself with an inward-caregiving depth that mirrors the love you contribute to the world. You are appreciated and loved, you are told so, and moreover, you are given evidence through your fame! All sorts of favors are possible… with a good sense of timing and a jump at opportunities, intention and effective teachings arise. Those who welcome your message will embrace what you share with a greatness that has yet to be measured. Take full advantage of the learning-through-love driven audience you have been blessed with the fortuity to hold hands. This is where you shine, these are your days of glory!

The Terry Tree
Source | Astrotheme

Painting | Acrylic on Canvas | Speaking Out No More Puritans | Sue Reed


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