I love meditation and connecting with others through nature and spirituality. Whatever your belief is I hope that we can meet one another always with an understanding in love for the one thing that connects us all. Spirit, Spirit walk with us…

Disclaimer | Anyone is free to share anything that is posted here at tHE tERRY tREE on WordPress. When a post of an image, artwork, or text has been made that does not belong to me I will always make an attempt to indicate where the work was discovered. In the event that I am unable to locate the artist of the original artwork or image, it has most likely been shared from Google images. To the Artist, It is my greatest hope that I have given the utmost respect to your work. When and if I have posted anything that belongs to you that you do not agree with, I will gladly remove it for you at your request. Please feel free to contact me here at theterrytrees@gmail.com.



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