I love meditation and I love connecting with others through God. One of my favorite ways to connect is through nature. Many blessings as the door is continually open to all forms of light and love. Whatever your belief is I hope that we can meet one another always with an understanding in love for the same thing that connects us all. Spirit, Spirit walk with us…

The Terry Tree is a spiritual and inspirational platform hosted by Geino Äotsch. My name is Terry Eugene Tree Äotsch. My friends call me Terry or Geino. The sole purpose of this network is to connect with a higher power and to merge with others in a divine and sacred way. I am the creative writer for The Terry Tree writing as Terry Tree mostly in Poetry but also in Prose. I share with, post articles to and include excerpts from authors that I enjoy on WordPress, Instagram, Google+ and Facebook for tHEtERRYtREE.com

Disclaimer | Anyone is free to share anything that is posted here at tHE tERRY tREE on WordPress. When a post of an image, artwork, or text has been made that does not belong to me I will always make an attempt to indicate where the work was discovered. In the event that I am unable to locate the artist of the original artwork or image, it has most likely been shared from Google images. To the Artist, It is my greatest hope that I have given the utmost respect to your work. When and if I have posted anything that belongs to you that you do not agree with, I will gladly remove it for you at your request. Please feel free to contact me here at theterrytrees@gmail.com.



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