When I don’t want to be here any longer
You pick me up and make me stronger
You are a force from within me
That is designed to begin the
Impossible dream

Bloated from the pain of life I carry around
This burden that doesn’t want to be found
But deep in every crevice and around
The bend you find a way to keep
This spirit going

Never knowing how exactly to be the best
Human being I push myself and test
My boundaries to become better
Than before to open doors
I have never been behind

New dimension portals
Accepting life as it is
Do it as it is

Even Ferris Wheels have to stop turning
When the weather isn’t safe and the
Clouds begin to take hold of our
Solid sense of turning in the
Storm of life which is
Always ready for
The light

Run to the sun with all your might
Don’t ever let go of the dream you behold
You have the ability to see your way
Through any impossibility
Stop trying and just do
The magic thing that
You do

Afraid of letting others down
Fear of judgement on the ground
Keep turning keep loving keep burning
Your flame is the epitome
Of love

Burn bright starshine
Watch as things begin to align
Follow the signs that lead to your
Eternal home and heart destined
To be of Love, Life, Friendship
And beautiful, beautiful laughter
In yourself and
In me


Highest Self

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