Tailspin as we are flying in the wind
Arms and limbs scraping
Against the sky
Anchor me

Grounded in the roots of Your love
Resilient in the healing light
Of Your touch

As our relation ship sails across the earth
Observing outer limits from birth
Unpacified by life’s
Old lessons

I anchor my devotion in Your ocean
I am swollen with Your Spirit
Nothing else could
Lift me higher

You are my one divine and true desire
My feet become Your drums
Stomping on the earth

You are my one and only flaming fire
My hands become Your chimes
Shaking in the breeze
Falling to my knees

My soul is a bonfire that lights up the world
Everything I sing and everything I speak
Resounding as I breathe
Your love through
My bones

I am anchored
I am home


Image | bliech4art.com


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