Open the heart petal by petal
Spirit guide me level by level
Claiming the soil beneath my feet
Rays of light pour through my finger tips
Up towards the stars
Down into your earth as the words
Release themselves between my lips
Electricity rides down
Through my

A hunger for knowledge
A thirst for something sweet
The taste of universal honey
Mana that nourishes
Those who would eat
Those who would drink
Those who believe

Soaring into the eye beyond the clouds
Into the divine center unchained
Floating in the sky like the whisper
Or the wish of a deceased dandelion
Destination unknown
Cosmic glow

Not this way
That way

Back into balance

Every feather in place

Out into the universal arms of mother galactic
To know that I am
A life form that chooses to be recognized
By all forms of life respectfully
My throat is open to receive the
Sounds and the vibrations
Of the harmonic
Constellations that ring
The bells of heaven
The strings of

Awake and fly with me
All the angels all the demons
Singing in an intergalactic chorus
Everything I love about my life
Everything I despise

Together as we rise to become
A giant lotus of love
And surprise

This is a wheel
A circle of truth
A round table of tools to work with
Teach me the words to speak
Teach me the way to hold my hands
Teach me the way to land my feet
Teach me the way to spread my wings
Accepting every living and
Broken part of me

As we turn the other cheek
Unlocking answers
That we seek

Existence of spirit is eternal and infinite
Just as we breathe in and out
We are the figure eight of eternity
We return to our beginning
Our perception turns
The key

Open the door



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