Like creeping ivy we began
From the ground up
Swirling and twirling
Up the trellis of life
Entertaining our nature
Our green essence

Along the bridge of our memories

Some leaves growing older
New younger leaves born
Some of our leaves
Have been weathered
And torn

In and out we continue
Over many horizons
Spreading out across

Every gain
Every loss

On the bridge of our memories

I remember where we
Started in the soil
We promised
Never to part and
Here we are

Two spirits tangled
In the galaxy of

On the bridge of our memories

Your ancient foliage
Reminds me of when
We were kids
Playing under

The bridge of our memories

Many trains would pass by
The railroad often cried
Humming a warning
To tuck our leaves
Deep inside

As we quietly smiled
And held stems for awhile

No matter how we may twist
In every Milky Way
Turned we will burn
A new sun in a new

On the bridge of our memories

The blood of our chlorophyll
Will stretch out our vines
Beyond the rings of
Saturn an eternal
Invitation and
Ladder for

Encircle and scale
And unwind
Into our new galaxy

The stars like street lamps
Go for miles

Along the bridge of our memories

Moon shadows of light
Cast upon our great
Plight to the next destination
Another golden plantation
Trailing, sailing

Searching our hearts
To find our souls
Loving forever
Living together
Shifting to

Our home is always here
Within us wherever we go
Embracing love of all kinds
On the darkest of days and the
Brightest of nights

On the bridge of our memories

We are like the beanstalk
That Jack had once climbed
We are an eternal existence
Parallel and aligned

With Spirit to guide
Divine Mother beside
Our vines will
Continue to
Climb and
To wind

Throughout time
On the bridge of our memories


Image blend | The Terry Tree

Ivy and stars

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