What Is This?

When I feel my best is
Breaking into pieces
When I feel my stress
In every line and
Every crease
When it’s
All too much
For me to bear?

You are there…

Where am I?
Who is this?
Is this a dream?
Is this reality?
What is this
Strange mentality?

When I feel I
Don’t deserve it
Like a tiny piece of grit
In the midst of all of this

Claiming this body
I passed into
Sensing the world around me
Divinity trapped beneath my skin
Infinity wrapped up in a soul
Confined by flesh
What is this?

Sometimes I long for You
To take me home
I know I’m not alone
But these bones
Are aching
With life’s
And hurt from
Trying to

To understand why
I would give up
The opportunity
To fly


I long to feel alive
Safe inside Your heart
Beating with the
Rhythm of Your core
I could want
For nothing

Than to meet You
In Your sky

To feel whole
Body mind and soul

To say hello
To say goodbye

What is this place we call earth?
What exactly happened
Upon our starry

We dress our bodies
To feel better
We go out shopping
For new sweaters
But I want to dress
Myself in You

You are my lucid truth…

You are the only pair of boots
That can protect my soles
You are the only sustenance
That I want to fill my holes
You are the only life jacket
That can truly rescue me
I humbly bow before You
Down on bended knee

I picture Your white light
Engulfing me with

My halo and my wings
Are waiting patiently
To feel Your breath again
In the beak of my
Devoted soul

I build my nest among
Your branches
I rest my head
Upon Your

You will always
Be forever

Our eternal


Image | imagkid.com | portrait rendering The Terry Tree

Bird feeding bird

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