Creeping down the stairs of your heart
Quietly whispering melodies of love
I enter the door you keep locked
From everyone

I didn’t tell you I was coming
I didn’t want to scare you
I am an unannounced
Guest inside
Of you

I am connecting the veins like wires
That have come loose
I am delicately

Can you feel me breathing life inside
Of you again my friend?
Can you feel my fingers
Strumming up your

This is not a dream. This is not anything
That you have ever experienced or seen
This is something different
From anything you
Have ever been

You can ask me to go but I will be
Reluctant I want you to know
You don’t have to do this

I am painting ancient symbols of love
Inside the chamber that is beating
Within your chest echoing
Beneath your

Trust me this is only the beginning
Before you know it soon we’ll
Be swimming together
In the ocean of your

Meet me at the train station of your soul
I will be there with a picnic basket
And everything you need
To make you whole

When you begin to feel yourself again
When you wake up to find
Where I have been
I hope that you
Can see

The love that I have decorated inside of you
Painting light throughout
Your every being
For seeing is

And if you ever need a heart
I will be here to
Share mine
With you

Image blend | The Terry Tree


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