When darkness falls upon me like the night
I look into the sky for the stars like the light
In Your eyes

You carry me through the blankets of sadness
That no one knows I feel
You blow the gusts of wind beneath my wings
That I forget to heal

You fill the holes in my heart with Your love
Like hot lava melting
You teach me to trust my happiness above
The damage that is swelling
A volcano of hope

I can sense You like the fragrance of a flower
Your invisible arms around
When I am empty You give me Your power
Your strength surrounds

I want to be the best version of myself with all
The uncomfortable parts
I crawl out of bed and even when I’m heavy or if I fall
I feel You like a thousand hearts
Beating eternally, leading me
Down the hall
Of love

So I am choosing to embrace who I am
The unhappy rhythms
The swing of eternal laughter You have placed me in
All of this is me
And all of me
Is with You

Guardian of imperfect greatness
Master of infinite displeasure and joy
King of bitter beauty
Queen of every beginning
That finds an end
My friend
My father
My mother
My sister
My brother

Thank you for teaching me
Thank you for believing in me
Dear Spirit thank you for rescuing me
Especially when I feel like I don’t deserve it

Your unconditional love makes every moment worth it
With no argument, no fight, no abusive light
Just pure acceptance for what I will become
What I already am
And what I have
Always been

When I awake in the morning
After darkness has fallen
Your sunlight, Your rain

Every lullaby
Every sad refrain
Every beautiful promise
Of a new day
I see

There is no getting back
To who we are
We are getting forward
To ourself because
We never truly left
Just like you
Teaching me
To love myself
As much as
You do

Thank you

I Love You

Image via | bringingbackawesome.com


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