One of the most prominent places stress will grow from within us is in areas of our lives where we find ourselves incapable of handling what we had originally thought that we could. In most instances you can manage what you originally intended to do if you can fiddle with your perspective.

Take a look at your surrounding environment and see how you can raise the quality and integrity of your life easily and affordably. Simple things can make a world of a difference. A new trail to journey down in nature, a new exercise routine, a different color painted on just one wall of your home, a better shower head, a better bed, a better pillow, to name a few, a more accommodating lifestyle that will harmonize your dreams and your needs.

What areas of your life need adjustment in order to give you relief, better rest and the ability to take on the life you have always wanted to achieve? It may be just within your reach waiting to be received. Discover your stress free environment and create the world you want to breathe in.

If you don’t know what that could be, find a moment where you can sit in stillness and meditation and ask diligently in prayer to be shown an image or a word that will help you modify your environment so that you may be given the knowledge that you need to realize a stress free path that you can be excited to wake up and stretch into.


Image | The Terry Tree


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