I want to know You
Dear God, I want to show You
How much I love Thee
Even as I write these words
And tears stream down my face
I know that nothing will erase
The desire to touch You
To make You proud
To impress You and
To hold You

I have saved every trinket
Every napkin, every stone
Every picture, every moment
I have shared with You alone

I want to dance with You
Around the bonfire of this peak
I want to stretch the wings You gave me
And fly to kiss You on the cheek
I want to find my greatest stillness
So I can hear You when you speak

I look around me and I see
So many possibilities
I am but a humble creature
On Your brilliant shining sea
I am but a grateful child
Reaching out with rays of light
To grasp and share the love You give
To every person that I pass
It is to You I raise this glass

For every being here on earth
You have blessed with lungs to breathe
I pray that when I look into their eyes
They see Your smile within me
I want the world to receive
The love that You vibrate from within
I would be so empty without
The lessons You have given
You are the generous, encouraging
Motivating energy in which
I believe

You are the Big Love of my life
The biggest love of any kind
The greatest love that I have ever known
The most incredible tree
That any seed has ever sown
Above us, below us
Around our everything

You are the moment that taught me how to be
The one to hold those who were not shown
A love as far as the eye can see

Shepherd of light
Mystery bright
Big Love watching over us
Each dark and starry night
I am Yours eternally
And when I return to Thee
Know that I am ready
To do whatever it is
That You might ask
Of me

Hear my song
Watch it rumble
Watch me shake
Feel Your lovequake
Down through the ground
In an eternal cosmic wake

Love always,


Image Blend | The Terry Tree


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