Many of us just want to be loved and accepted for who we are. Acceptance doesn’t mean that we have to agree with everyone. Acceptance can simply mean that we are capable of standing beside someone and allowing them to be who they are without judgement. Receiving someone as he or she is, is accepting them for who they are regardless of what personal choices are being made here on earth.

After all, are we not all children of God? Is it not God that we should answer to? Do we not experience Mother Nature and her awesome power together? We are all having the same ‘being-human’ experience. Some of us are not even set up to have this human experience with the basic anatomy that others do, and yet have proven to be even better equipped at accepting others by learning early on that he or she must accept his or herself due to their own physical limitations.

I pray that we can be kind and gentle with one another. Love one another with unconditional acceptance. Treat everyone with respect and dignity, laughing with each other and not at one another. Not hurting one another, not causing more pain and suffering but appreciating one another with unconditional love, support and acceptance.


Photo | Akaki Kids Hugging | Magnus Franklin


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