Nature is ancient
It is in everything we see
It is the chair your sitting on
It is the air from which you breathe

Nature is paramount
It is the beginning of our climb
It is the mother of technology
It is the father of all time

Nature is nurturing
It is a gift from the eternal one
It is the moon and all the stars
It is the flames of our great sun

Nature is magnificent
It is the essence of our days
It is the dawning of our future
It is the child that we must raise

Nature is nourishing
It is in all the food we eat
It is in every song we sing
It is in every heart that beats

Nature is branches
It is the spirit of family
It is our sacred roots
It is the seed becoming tree

Nature is powerful
It is the storm under the sea
It is the whirlpool in the sky
It is the hand I’m offering

Nature is friendship
It is the promise that we keep
It is the colors that surround us
It is the bed in which we sleep


Image | The Terry Tree


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