I write with words
I speak in tongues
I chant in languages of love

I reach until
I find the truth
The knowledge you would have me to

Become aware
Awaken in
The essence energy within

I journey now
Without a doubt
I push false understanding out

So I may view
Expand fully
The obstacles illusory

Reveal essence
Deep inside me
The life experience I need

To open doors
To be at One
With which direction I should come

Spirit be near
Open my ears
Open my mind, my heart, my tears

Allow my gut
To listen too
I’m ready send your message through

My altar heart
Is placed in front
For you to share your elements

With holy eyes
I kneel and pray
I feed with words and meditate

Speak to my soul
In poetry
I am your child on bended knee

With whispers I
Can comprehend
Dear God receive me as I am



Image | via: poxteer.com


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