You walk with wisdom on your wings, we watch and wonder what it means. Glittered shards of broken glass could not keep you from your path. You walk on water with great ease, you part the colorful red seas. You gather strength in every field, in darkness fruit your harvest yields. Your power trait, your magistrate is not to judge, your justice love. You light the candles of our souls, you conjure joy you make us whole. A comfort to us when we’re weak, you save us from our self-defeat. Our love for you will never wane, with you existence will sustain a way for us to understand, to hold each other hand in hand. You are the rock, you are the glow, we bow to kiss what you bestow. You sprinkle life into our veins, with you eternal growth remains an everlasting paradise, a promised land of love and light…


Image | hdwallpapers.org


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