Camel Spirit Animal

The camel is a wonder of self-containment and self-sufficiency, able to survive long periods of time just on what is contained within. Camel energy will bring to you this ability to be your own best resource, able to pull out your talents and skills with ease, always finding everything you need just by going inside.

With camel energy within you, you will find you are a deep well of creativity and capability which never runs dry. You will be able to produce solutions to situations that are original and creative, yet highly practical. And you will do this easily, as a natural part of being who you are.

Camel energy is infused with health and vitality, giving you a vibrant immune system and the power to heal yourself. As your closeness with camel spirit increases, this healing energy will begin to extend to others as well, as you develop your skills as a healer.

Spirit Camel

You carry a weight that’s so heavy
A caravan filled with so many
You journey along, the sand is your song
And heat filled with sun rays aplenty

With your guidance we soon will become
Unified with God’s grace and God’s love
Your knowledge is great, sufficient in strength
Standing small as you tower above

You feel pain just the same as we do
You will cry tears of sadness for you
Tune into the light, your spirit is bright
You reflect what sunlight shines in you

Teaching us to heal and to move on
Even dark times when sadness has won
To listen up close, is what I have chose
Especially when life comes undone

Spirit Camel, you never run dry
Capabilities keep you alive
You’re a natural at heart, playing the part
Mother Nature intended you by

To ride on with you makes me feel safe
With you there is no rush and no haste
Taking our time, learning how to decide
With a rhythm of peaceful-like pace

Self sustaining without an ego
Spreading love every place that we go
We survive day and night, sharing your plight
We are one with your wandering soul

As your milk provides food for your calf
You have cared for us on your behalf
Without a complaint, and in your restraint
It appears that you smile and laugh

You must see how humans sometimes seem
Like a nightmare and not like a dream
Yes we can be, idiotic you see
We have so much to learn from your scheme

I am honored to know you great one
May your message be carried with love
Through winds and life’s storms, may we be reborn
With your courage and gentle wisdom


Image | National Geographic

Poetic Form | Gwawdodyn

Intro text article | Reference | poweranimalsunleashed.com

Camel Sounds | http://www.soundsnap.com/tags/camel


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