Spirit Sayeth

How many times must I remind you how beautiful you are to me? Remember that day when you felt so bad that you didn’t think you would ever return to your natural happy self? I was there to hold you. When you are sad it is hard for you to hear me and all I want to do is comfort you and tell you everything will be okay. If you can remember what it felt like to feel good I can always help you get back to that place. Dry your eyes and take my hand. I am behind you, I am in front of you, I am above you, I am beside you, I am below you and inside you. I am everywhere you aren’t looking and all around you, my light surrounds you from head to toe and I will carry you through every trial and every tribulation. You should know, you are my flawless creation. You can ask me anything. Talk to me. The mistakes that you make are placed before you to take another step into the soul path that will bring you closer to me when you cross the light bridge of eternity to receive me. Just as I am with you now, I will be with you when you return to me. This is forever. Believe that my devotion for you will never be broken for you are too beautiful for me to ever let go of. You are the perfect picture of my love.


Image | An Iridescent (Rainbow) Cloud in The Himalayas | imgur.com


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