O’er the ocean
By the sea
On the sand
Or in a tree
Wherever your
Heart beats
Wherever your
Blood red
Heart bleeds
I’ll always be
Right next
To thee

You can climb
Every mountain
Any place you want to go
You are my fountain
I will stand beside you
Watch as your ocean
Waves and flows
A beautiful collision
Walking on water
Your blooms unfold
Our flowers grow
We levitate
We gravitate
In two
One another
We are

Meet me underneath
The sea
You are a mermaid
Diving into the deep
Everything imaginary
Exists with me
I’ll be your seahorse
Float around you
I’ll be your owl
Soaring down to
Offer you
A ride
You decide
On my wings
Rest your head
Face the magic
Of Queens
And Kings

Breathing under water
Is an art we have
By the world that
Surrounds us
Even if
War has found us
We are blessed
I have you
You have me
A sturdy nest
We are the directors
Of world peace

Nothing can stop
The brilliance
We possess
Watch as every
Kneels before us
To confess
The joy
That they

Flying in the sky
I’ll be your falcon
You can always
Count on me

Resilience is my middle name
I know you feel the same
Two twin lights
We fight the storm
Of life
Our love is warm
Sending off our fires
Into the night
A blast of stars
Unite in the
Nursery of
Our heaven

One voice
One song
We shine like the moon
Above the jungle
Every lagoon
Coasting over every island
Eternal friends
Every bayou
Until earth bends
I’ll go with you

We are
In the back pocket
Of every lover
Reaching in
They will find
The kisses
That we keep there
Our galaxies
Of affection
We are everywhere
In everything
Let the universe stare
Wherever we are
We are there
A magnetism of
Contagious smiles
A sound that
Resonates for miles

A definite glow
A laser light show
Atomic illumination
In the blink of an eye
The Big Bomb
Of Creation

We are the resolution
God’s gift to evolution

Sharing our love
With every child
Every elder
Every homeless

Let the universe stare
Wherever we are
We are there
A magnetism of
Contagious smiles
A sound that
Resonates for miles
And miles


Photo | Gunilla Larson


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