Seal Spirit Animal

Seal’s medicine includes protection during change, dreaming and lucid dreaming, imagination, creativity, protection from danger, movement through emotions, and the inner voice. We are more closely linked to animals than we may think. Animals inspire us to look into these connections in more depth.

Seals spend much of their lives in the sea, but they give birth on land. This shows us that there are 2 necessary things that help fulfil our dreams and visions. These are formed deep within us, and are nurtured through the power of our ability to envision them using all our senses.

Seals are sea mammals, and are highly symbolic of our feeling, sensual selves. The seal helps us to remember our connection to our deep inner rhythms, feelings, and knowledge, through the sea. If seal enters your life, you are being asked to review the ebb and flow of your thoughts and emotions and find and keep up a point of balance. Seals teach us to listen to our inner self and how to balance life. Your dreams will become more vivid and significant with this practice.

Seals swim both below and above water, giving them the ability to experience both the inner and outer worlds. Seals are keepers of wisdom. They reveal to us what is hidden deep within ourselves, and teach us how to integrate our imagination with the reasoning power of the intellect. Balance and harmony will coexist on all levels, teaching us how to feel at home in our bodies, and to uncover our inner beauty.

Spirit Seal

Gorgeously in the sea
You swim and glide and breathe sweet love
Your smile from above
The ocean floor glows of a gift
We listen to it sift
You help us move through bliss leading
Eternally dreaming awake
Teach us how we can shake our fears

Our hurt learns how to rise
To slide with joy and glide away
It never wants to stay
At home more than a day, we find
A colorful dreamtime
Surfing we are aligned and sleek
We can finally speak
And everything we seek we have

Our inner voice will call
You help us through it all as we
Listen in carefully outside
All around us the tide is loud
A lion roaring crowd
We are seeking the sound that sings
Balance and harmonies
This comfort in us brings great peace

Reveal to us ourselves
Spirit Seal tell us what else we need
To comfort and to feed
Our spirits if indeed we live
Another day to give our prayers
Ask God to meet us where our deep
Wisdom and souls will keep
Us safe when we’re asleep Amen


Photo | ventube.com

Poetic Form | Luc Bat

Intro Text Article | Reference : Ina Woolcott | shamanic journey.com

Seal Sounds | http://www.soundboard.com/sb/Seals_Sea_Lions_audio


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