When we focus on thoughts that resonate good feelings and happy memories inside of us, we invite a grateful spirit into the temple of our minds our hearts and our bodies. Surrounding our environments with negative thoughts and darkness will only manifest the same expressions of dark, sad, potentially depressing life circumstances. If you are having challenges being able to find that positive light, try this…

Prepare a space to pray where you can be calm and attentive. Think about white light. Take a deep breath in, and when you do, breathe in white light. Now, when you blow it out, blow out black smoke. Imagine yourself embraced by this white light. Repeat this breathing activity and when you are ready, invite Spirit here to be with you. Continue to practice this breathing technique and pray to God.

However you choose to connect with your highest power, know that prayer is the purest form of redirecting thoughts and asking Spirit to help you maintain the positive garden of sunlight in your soul, in your mind, in your body, in your heart, and in your sacred temple… the temple of your heart


Artwork | Temple Heart | The TerryTree


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