To be there for someone doesn’t mean to live up to their expectations. To support another living being is to be there in every way that you are capable. Money and material possessions are only two of the MANY ways we can be there for one another. Often times people feel as though if they cannot help out financially there is nothing they can do and wash their hands of the situation. This is not true. There are many more ways that we can help one another in the meantime, that have nothing to do with money.

The power of touch is greatly underestimated in our culture. You have more power in your palms and fingertips than you are probably aware of. Supporting someone physically (hugging), mentally (a walk), spiritually (prayer), intellectually (a heart to heart talk), and emotionally (a shoulder to cry on), are all free intelligent ways that can lift someone up from their disparity. Assisting someone in a difficult moment of his or her life will create a lasting impression that will leave an impact so great it will spread like wild fire into the hearts, minds and souls of others. In turn this will also satisfy those feelings of helplessness we often get when we cannot help in other ways.

Let’s build a world with one another that is filled with love and support and together, may everything we touch, turn to beauty.


Photo | Newborn Colt | Motley News


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